Friday, 7 October 2011

graduation :D

hello ! hello ! fuhhh graduation is in the corner . serammmm :) heee . hmmm cant wait to have fun with my girls especially my beloved AMERA and S.A :) weee . btw , mera dont forget to check out my lengga and make sure it is not too sexy . mampuihhh aku kalau sexy . HAHAHA . hmm yahh not to forget , im going to mera's house on thursday night and yes we're gonna make a video so i'll ask s.a to upload the video :D can right ? oh starting from now i've to speak in english because i want to improve my english so i hope that u guys will understand what im trying to say eventhough it is a broken english :) weee . hmm i guess i'll stop here . heee . mera , nnt aku update yg sedih-2 punya after SPM :)

love ,
fatensuhana :)

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  1. haih , ngantuk aku tggu cerita sdih kau . HAHAHAHA